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Opening and closing die beater is a kind of special-shaped screw beater developed by our company after several years' efforts. It is one of our patented products. It can produce multi-step, double cap, double head and other hardware products. Its appearance has greatly reduced the production cost of customers. The hardware and axle parts produced by hand and semi-automatic can be produced by mechanical automation, which greatly improves the production efficiency, so as to improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise. It is highly praised by the bank. The company will, as always, introduce more updated machinery and equipment to the industry 。


Opening and closing modular graph


Product drawing of opening and closing die

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The cold forging machine currently consists of one die, two punching, two die punching, two die punching, three die punching, two die four punching, three die three punching, open die closing, etc., so that all kinds of screw products, such as woodworking screws, self tapping screws, fiberboard pins, dry wall screws, rivets, axles, etc., can be formed from the simple type to the various complicated structural types.